LIFE ECO-SANDFILL’s goal is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of using reclaimed Spent Foundry Sand (SFS) as an eco-friendly fine aggregate in construction applications, specifically for geotechnical applications such as embankments, mortars, and Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM). Likewise, it will explore the options for high quality reutilization of treated SFS in foundry sector for core and mould making. The ultimate goal of the project is to reduce the large volume of foundry sand that is annually disposed of in landfills.

The main objectives of the project area:

  1. Demonstrate that the SFS, properly pre-processed, can be advantageously reused in construction application with a big demand of fine aggregates.
  2. Obtain an environmentally safe by-product from waste: Non-hazardous sand.
  3. Contribute to a “close to zero” landfill for the main solid waste flow in foundry.
  4. Define criteria and technical specifications for SFS application in civil engineering works (concrete, construction fill, road basecourse, etc.), so that the surplus foundry sand become a secondary raw material.
  5. Reduce the foundry sand management costs and the construction industry raw materials costs.


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