B4. Design and implementation of the construction demonstrations


Two mortars demos have been implemented in the new building under construction in AZTERLAN:


  • Self-levelling mortar base in thermal flooring in the support spaces (meeting rooms, conference room, dining room…) area on the ground floor.
  • Backfilling mortar layer on top of the concrete base for pedestrian paved pathways around the building.


Self-levelling mortar base in thermal flooring of building (ground floor).

Radiant heat floors consist of several layers, from bottom to top: insulation panel, pipe system and, finally, backfilling mortar layer of the self-levelling type, used to create a level surface to tile onto or to install any other floor covering. Self-levelling mortars are ready use mortars to be mixed with water, with high-flow characteristics to create flat and smooth surfaces with a compressive strength similar to or higher than the conventional cement mortars.

Demo key data:

  • 660 m2 surface area, 33 m3 mortar layer (thickness= 50-90 mm)
  • SFS dosage: 5% substitution ratio by total weight of sand in mortar (selective substitution in 0.25-0.5 mm size fractions)
  • SFS valorised: 3 t reclaimed CHEM SFS
  • Date of execution: September 2018
  • Collaboration: BIZKOR, TELUR, F.Cabello


Backfilling mortar layer on top of the concrete base for paved pathways

It is a flowable mortar for floor screeds (EN 13813) aimed at filling of outdoor floors to be covered. The requirements for that application are analogous to the specifications requested to flowable mortar for backfilling uses in infrastructure. Typically, the thickness of such backfilling mortar layers is about 50 mm, the sand/cement proportion in that flowable mortar is 85/15 and the wet density of mortar 1800 kg/m3. Natural sand content in the commercial semi-dry screed mortar used as reference is a mixture of silica sand dp≤0.5 mm and limestone sand dp≤6 mm.

Demo key data:

  • 10 m3 filling mortar layer (186 m2 surface area, thickness= 50 mm)
  • 20 % substitution by total weight of sand in mortar (in silica sand size fraction)
  • 3 t reclaimed CHEM SFS valorised
  • Date of execution: December 2018
  • Collaboration: BIKAIN, LASUEN


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