Action B3. Methodology design and preliminary economic and environmental assessment

The set of preliminary adjustment experiments, testing different operational conditions of the reclaiming technology, carried out on a demo equipment at ONDARLAN has helped to determine the best operational conditions regarding quality requirements, taking into account the measured values of some key parameters (LOI (%), AFA and Fines (%)) on samples of reclaimed sand from each experiment.

 Additionally, a life cycle assessment for each of the tested operational conditions of the reclaiming technology has been developed to evaluate their environmental impacts. Colour coded charts indicate visually the technical and environmental level of performance of the sand obtained in each combination of operation conditions of the reclaiming equipment.


Finally, to determine optimal operational conditions considering both technical conditions and environmental impacts, a multicriteria analysis according to the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodology has been performed. To develop this analysis the different criteria were prioritised. Under those hypotheses, the best operational conditions -among the various tested- when treating chemical SFS are: rotational speed of the reclaiming chamber equal to 2235 rpm and residence time of 60 s. For green SFS the best operational conditions are 120 s as residence time and rotational speed values of 2500 or 2700 rpm.




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